Meet ALIGN Beauty 


You know the feeling when you've just climbed a mountain or finished a surfing session. Your heart is pounding, resonating through your body with its wild beat, your muscles are aching, and you're almost out of breath as the sunlight warms your face.

You're tired but free and possibly the happiest person alive.
You love being outside. You love living outside.
But at some point, you realise that all that burning sun, crystallising salt and wind coming from across the seas takes a toll on your skin. And you need to take care of it. 
That's how Align beauty was born; from our passion for adventure and for living life to the fullest.
It was created; in alignment with your free spirit. In alignment with your precious body. In alignment with love; for yourself and nature.
We make all our products in Australia. They're vegan, conscious and all natural.
No animal testing, no nasties, no rocket science. 
Simply, just what you need.

From our love for the salty seas, we’ve teamed up with the Seabin Project.
2% of our revenue now goes to support their mission for clean and plastic-free oceans. 




Made by Magdalena, the ocean and nature lover, natural skincare formulator (Formula Botanica graduate), happy surfer, and mum of two who found home in Australia 8 years ago.