4-step skincare routine for outdoors lovers

4-step skincare routine for outdoors lovers

You know the feeling just after a surfing session or hitting the end of a hike, right? 

You're accomplished, free and happy as all the endorphins rush through your body, vibing to the rhythm of your powerful heartbeat. You're also probably very ready for a shower and a nice meal by now.;)

And just like your body needs water and proper nutrients to be healthy and strong, your skin needs special care too. All that sunshine, wind, salt and changes in temperature take a toll on the biggest organ in your body (yep, that's what skin is!), leaving it dry and damaged.

No worries, though!

We've put together this easy guide for you!

4-step skincare routine for outdoors lovers:

  1. Always put sunscreen (SPF 30+) on before hitting the beach or trail. Apply an additional layer of zinc when on a hunt for the perfect wave. Covering your head with a hat when hiking helps to keep your skin protected too.

  2. After getting back home and showering all that salt or dirt off, use a moisturiser. It helps your skin to restore any hydration that got lost during your adventures and recovers its natural balance. Moisturisers also prevent early signs of aging caused by sun damage (smiling wrinkles excluded. We want more of those!).

  3. Exfoliate 1-2 times per week. In other words, say bye-bye to your dead cells and get rid of them. It allows deeper hydration when applying moisturiser and feels sooo good.

  4. Your precious face likes a lot of attention, but don't forget the rest of your body! All those arms and legs, your fingers, toes, neck, or belly need some loving care too.

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